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SolaDrive provides Support and Management for all the services we provide, with no extra charge or fees. This includes VPS, dedicated servers, backup solutions and any custom services such as clusters or cloud setups that we provide.

The biggest issue among managed providers is that they all have different definitions of what managed VPS and dedicated servers mean to them and ultimately what they provide support to when it comes to your server; a lot of the times they don’t define it either unless you specifically ask them. This is why we have a full page completely outlining what we do to manage your server and what we support.

We Provide
  • US Based Support StaffUS Based Support Staff
  • Pro-Active MonitoringPro-Active Monitoring
  • Veteran System AdministratorsVeteran System Administrators
  • 24/7 Ticket and Chat Support24/7 Ticket & Chat Support

Initial Setup and Configuration of your Server

The initial setup and configuration of your server is probably the single most important part; if done right, you will have a very reliable and secure machine. This is why we do an extensive initial setup, from the installation of requested services to the hardening and security of the server. See what we do to your server on the right.

Setup Procedure

  • 1

    We start by setting up your server with the requested software, whether it be cPanel for Linux or Plesk for Windows and configure it for best security and performance.

  • 2

    We then either setup the sever with your required software to run your sites or compare to your previous server’s software and packages to ensure your sites will perform fine on your new server.

  • 3

    We then begin working on migrating all your sites or applications, change all DNS zones and nameservers accordingly, check to ensure your sites are loading properly via temporary url, and then give you the OK to change your nameservers.

  • 4

    When all sites are loading properly to your new server with us, we then tweak your server for best performance based off peak traffic and load of your sites.

  • 5

    We then setup alerts for your server and begin pro-active monitoring it. Should an issue arise, our technicians will log in and resolve the issue before you probably even realize it.

General Features

  • Free migration services from any cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Ensim server.
  • Unlimited tickets and admin time, we'll work on your issues until you are satisfied.
  • Quick 10 minute response times by our experienced and certified technicians.
  • 24/7 pro-active monitoring of your server, we'll respond and fix any issues that arise.
  • Installation of any third party scripts on best effort basis.
  • Tweaks and optimization to help improve performance to your server.
  • Install security hardening tools and software to completely secure your server.
  • Management of advanced server solutions, we have the experience and knowledge to properly handle these setups.

Get Your Server Setup Correctly, From The Beginning

The initial setup and configuration of your server is possibly the single most important part, if done rightly, you will have a very reliable and secure machine. That is why we do an extensive initial setup, from the installation of requested services to the hardening and security of the server. See what we do to your server on the right.

Fully managed server

General Features

  • We start by setting up your server with the requested software, whether it be cPanel for Linux or Plesk for Windows
  • Migrate any of your sites or applications.
  • Ensure all DNS zones and nameservers are updated accordingly.
  • Ensure server has all required modules and software for sites to work properly.
  • Ensure all sites are loading fine via a temporary IP based URL.
  • Tweak cPanel/Plesk/Software for best security and optimization.
  • Install the use of Nginx, Varnish, etc if we feel it will benefit your server and sites performance.
  • Install raid utilities with raid alerts (if raid is present).
  • Once sites are propagating to the server, we go back and tweak all configurations for best optimization based on traffic levels and load.
  • Install our Advanced Security package of tools and software if you accept. See the next tab (Maintenance & Security) for more details.

We Secure Your Server So It Isn't The Next Victim Of Hackers

The next step to a good managed server is the continual update of software from security vulnerabilities and general maintenance of the server to keep it running healthy. A lot of this ties into the last step (pro-active monitoring). However we regularly will update your kernel upon confirmation from you and keep all your packages and software updated. On the right you can see the advanced security package we perform upon your request/approval.

Fully managed server

General Features

  • Upon approval we install the following Advanced Security package which greatly increases the level of security of your server.
  • Install a software based firewall. For linux, we use CSF and Windows we use AVG.
  • Tweak cPanel/Plesk for best security, spam prevention and abusive practices.
  • Install LMD (Linux Malware Detect) - A malware scanner specifically designed for linux environments and proven 48% more effective than any other antivirus for linux.
  • Install ClamAV - monitoring/scanning software that currently detects over 60,000 viruses, worms and trojans. Updates hourly so you always are safe from the latest threats.
  • Install SPRI (System Priority) - This software changes the priority of different processes in accordance to level of importance, hence increasing server performance.
  • RootKit Hunter - scanning tool to ensure your system does not have any backdoors or exploits.
  • Install CHKRootKit - a simple program that detects hacker software and notifies you via email if anything in the root directories get changed.
  • Change SSH port to a custom one to ensure port scanning on the normal SSH port is now inaccessible.
  • Close all ports on your system that are not needed.
  • Install CPHulk - Software that will block someone if they attempt to login to your server incorrectly more than the set limit.

We Identify Risks Before They Harm Your Organization, with Proactive Monitoring

SolaDrive's advanced monitoring system proactively monitor your system 24/7. If we detect an issue with any of the services on your system we will login and begin fixing the issue right away. By doing this it allows us to respond to issues before they can possibly cause larger issues like complete downtime. In most cases we will have the issue resolved before you may have even known there was an issue. You can finally sleep easy knowing that our team will be monitoring your server and respond accordingly.

Proactive Monitoring icon

General Features

  • 24/7 monitoring of your system and services running on it.
  • We install software to automatically restart and fix failed services.
  • Should our software fail to fix the issue we are notified and we begin to fix the issue right away.
  • When an issue is detected our system opens a ticket on your behalf with the details of the issue, allowing us to update you as we fix the issue.
  • All services you select to be monitored from your client area are checked every 5 minutes.
  • We use unique algorithms to ensure no false-positives and accurate monitoring.
  • Hardware such as hard drives and raid health are monitored, allowing us to meet our 2 hour hardware replacement SLA in the event of hardware failure.
  • SPM (System Patch Management) - software that automatically updates all software to ensure you have the latest versions and security patches.
  • Comprehensive System Statistics - Load average, memory consumption, disk usage, bandwidth usage, server uptime, disk activity, etc..

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Our Support Management

FAQ icon
  • 1. Do you have an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?


    We certainly do, all servers come with a 100% network uptime SLA and also a 2 hour hardware replacement SLA in the event a piece of hardware should fail. If any downtime occurs we credit your account accordingly.

  • 2. Can I upgrade my server or hardware?


    You certainly can, just contact us with the server you want to upgrade to and we will schedule a time with you to migrate your sites to the new server. You can also "add-on" additional hardware, software, and features to your server at any time through your client control panel.

  • 3. What is included in the full management of my server?


    Well basically, we will manage all aspects of your server. We have very few limitations and really give every request our best effort. Generally though we will start off by setting up your server, hardening and configuring it, migrating your sites, performing any requested work and then the continual maintenance it will need throughout the years to come. To read more about the specifics of what's included in the management of your server, read our server management page.

  • 4. Will I be given full root access?


    Of course, what good is a dedicated server if you are not given root ssh access? Many managed providers block this on you in fear that you will mess something up and cause them more work. We don't think that is fair and we are more than happy to fix an issue even if it is at fault to you.

  • 5. What is the minimum contract period?


    We only require monthly commitments, meaning once you pay for your first month of the server you are free to leave at any time with no cancellation fees or prior notice needed other than putting in a simple cancellation request from your client control panel. However, committing to a longer pay period benefits you with larger discounted rates.

  • 6. What payment methods do you accept?


    We accept all popular credit cards, paypal and bitcoin. Note that credit card payments go through a thorough fraud check by so we do not proceed with server setups until we get the okay from them.

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