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Some people may not know that we offer two different types of SSD plans. One of the VPS plans (Pure SSD) uses only pure SSD storage and while the other (Cached SSD) uses SSD to accelerate performance on our raid-10 arrays. Written below is a simple explanation of both plans so you can choose a suitable plan.

Sola Drive OpenVZ Virtualization


Our Pure SSD plans, as indicated uses only Solid State Drives (SSD) as disk space. This means you will get the ultimate performance of true SSD disk space for your VPS. These plans cost a bit more than our SSD Accelerated plans as the solid state drives cost more to use in our VPS nodes. However, those who need the best possible speeds can pay slightly more to get the best possible performance.

These Pure SSD plans are great for people who need their site to load as fast as possible or have a large database that has lots of I/O activity that would normally bog down a conventional hard drive.

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SSD Accelerated VPS

The SSD Accelerated plans are called a number of different things by other providers who offer the same thing. Essentially it's just taking a conventional hard drive raid and boosting its speed and performance using SSD drives for caching purposes. In even simpler terms, its basically where the SSD drives store all the files and databases, etc that are most frequently accessed or viewed so that those items load the quickest. Since SSD's can handle up to 50x more activity than a convention hard drive, this greatly reduces the activity on the hard drives and keeps the drives performing well.

Comparison between our Pure SSD and SSD Accelerated Plans

Pure SSD SSD Accelerated
  • Extremely fast disk speeds.
  • Fast disk speeds, much faster than conventional drives.
  • Plans are more expensive due to SSD's being expensive.
  • Less expensive than Pure SSD plans.
  • A must for people who need the best performance.
  • Good for people who need lots of space but affordable.
  • SSD's are more reliable - less maintenance.
  • SSD caching reduces I/O wear on hard drives.
  • Backups/restores complete quick.
  • Backups/restores complete at average speeds.
  • Uses less power and less heat.
  • Rotational drives use more power and lets off more heat.


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