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R1Soft Backup Solutions
  • High-Performance Raid-6 disk arrays. High performance Raid-6 disk arrays.
  • Cross  Support for Windows and Linux. Cross support for Windows and Linux.
  • Centralized Web-Based Administration. Centralized web-based administration.
  • Full Server to Single File  Restores. Full server to single file restores.
  • Affordable and User Friendly. Affordable and user friendly.
  • Plans Up To 10TB. Plans up to 10TB.
  • Backup Servers Sit Offsite. Backup servers sit offsite.
  • 1Gbps Port For Quick Backups/Restores 1Gbps port for quick backups/restores.
Backups are one of the single most important things you can invest in for your server and data. It doesn't seem important in day-to-day operation, but when you need it the most, it can be the most valuable option you invested in. Everyone will need backups in an urgent and important situation at one point, and having R1Soft backups makes it as easy as a click of a button to restore an entire server or just a single file. We make it affordable as well, so every user can select the right-sized package for their needs.
R1soft 50GB

Backup Space: 50 GB

$14.00 Month
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R1soft 100GB

Backup Space: 100 GB

$20.00 Month
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R1soft 250GB

Backup Space: 250 GB

$30.00 Month
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R1soft 500GB

Backup Space: 500 GB

$45.00 Month
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R1soft 1TB

Backup Space: 1TB

$75.00 Month
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R1soft 2TB

Backup Space: 2TB

$150.00 Month
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R1soft 5TB

Backup Space: 5TB

$300.00 Month
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R1soft 10TB

Backup Space: 10TB

$500.00 Month
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Enterprise Data Protection Tools
For Windows & Linux

R1Soft is a high performance, very reliable enterprise disk-to-disk backup service enabling Linux and Window users perform disaster recovery and Bare-Metal Restores. Simply put, this software takes a snapshot of your hard drive to our offsite backup nodes, and allows you to restore a full server or even down to just a single file or database. You determine all of the settings for your backups from your easy-to-use GUI control panel, allowing you to schedule the backup frequency (hourly, daily, weekly etc.), to things such as archived backups for long-term data protection. Rest easy knowing that your data is available in the event of any drive failure or accidental deletion!

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User Friendly Control Panel

The pictures above give an example of the control panel you would have access to in order to manage your backups. While the control panel is very robust, with every setting and configuration you would need, it is still very user-friendly and easy to understand.

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High Performance Backups

Are you currently having issues with your backups consuming your servers CPU and Disk IO? Our R1Soft backups are the solution to that! We ourselves know best first-hand; we once had an issue with our VPS nodes slowing down considerably when backups were performed, due to high disk activity. Switching to R1Soft completely fixed that since it performs backups incrementally, meaning it only backs up files that have changed, thus cutting down on the time it takes to down a full backup. R1Soft also uses advanced algorithms to ensure users do not notice, or experience, slow or sluggish performance from the server.

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Wide Support Range and Reliability

Our R1Soft backups will handle just about any type of backup solution you need: anything from full server backups, cPanel servers, to very busy MySQL databases. It will reliably backup all your data. You can set your backups to perform regular checksums, which will ensure all data is accurate and not corrupt, leaving you with backups that you can trust.
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