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Why Choose Sola Drive

Why Choose SolaDrive?

We know it can be hard to decide on a webhost these days, with new hosts popping up every day. So, to help ease the decision-making, we have listed a few key points that really set us apart from our competition. We are confident that after reviewing the following top ten reasons why you should choose SolaDrive, the decision will be easy.

Let's Face It, Experience Makes All The Difference!
SolaDrive Experience

SolaDrive was created by former system engineer Nathan and web host owner John. They were able to create a company that focuses on all of the aspects that customers expect and desire, allowing SolaDrive to become known for their exceptional service and friendly support.

When your server starts acting up, or you need us to initially setup your server or solution, technicians that are experienced in their fields are what will make all the difference. From getting an issue that is costing you money every minute, down to getting your service setup correctly so you can have years of flawless performance; you will come to find that paying a bit more for an experienced technician is worth every penny.

US Based Support That Understands You

SolaDrive Support

Let's face it, support is probably one of the things that matter most to you. When an issue arises, you want help from technicians that understand you and have the knowledge to resolve issues quickly. It's our US based support that sets us apart, due to their knowledge and experience that allow them to resolve issues efficiently.

We know that with 100% network and server uptime and secure, reliable servers, chances are you may never need to speak with us. However, if you do find that you need a helping hand, we have many convenient ways for you to contact us. From live chat, email, Skype or even ticket based support. We strive for ten-minute responses to tickets and emails, so regardless of the support channel used, you can be confident we will be there to quickly respond to your issue.

Solid State Drives (SSD) For Ultimate Speeds

SSD Acceleration To Boost Your Site Speed

We offer two types of VPS, pure SSD VPS and SSD accelerated VPS. What's the difference? Well, pure SSD VPS are on VPS nodes that use only SSD drives which give them the best disk performance. SSD accelerated VPS use what is called SSD caching. It uses a SSD cache pool to speed up data and files that are accessed and requested the most often. It gives better performance than a standard conventional hard drive VPS node and allows us to offer these VPS accelerated plans at a discounted rate from the Pure SSD plans.

Try Risk Free With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Risk Free With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

All of our VPS services come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. We are very sure that you find our services exceptional, and you won't need to take advantage of the money-back guarantee. This period allows you to try our services for 30 days without any financial risk, giving you the peace of mind to evaluate us without hesitation.

This policy does not apply to any other services such as overages, dedicated servers, licenses, domains, SSL, etc. All cancellations must be received via our cancellation policy, which is done by submitting a cancellation request from your client area portal.

100% Uptime Guarantee That Means Something

100% Uptime Guarantee That Means Somethine

Uptime, it ranks up there as being the most important part of your site. We don't just guarantee our network to be up 100% of the time, but we also guarantee our VPS nodes as well. We have invested a lot into our fully redundant 10GE topology networks, enabling us to mean it when we guarantee it to be online 100% of the time.

What about our VPS nodes, though? The same goes for these; we have invested more than most providers would into each node to ensure they don't see downtime. Each node includes redundant power supplies, A and B power feeds, hot swappable 8 Disks in Raid-10, dual network feeds, and onsite spare parts at all times. Other than Kernel updates from time to time, most of our nodes will never see downtime in their production lifetime.

Supermicro Everything, Well If It Were Up To Us It Would Be!

Quality hardware

Quality hardware is what makes a real difference. When you think about it, having hardware that lasts longer and gives you less trouble is a win-win situation. The customer sees less downtime and issues, while the provider spends less time trying to fix issues and spending less money on new hardware. That is why all of our dedicated servers use only the best Supermicro motherboards, chassis, and power supplies; even our LSI raid cards are a product of Supermicro. As for hard drives, we don't skimp and use desktop drives like many do. You'll only find the best Western Digital Black drives that come with a five-year lifespan warranty.

As for our VPS nodes, the Motherboard, Hotswap Chassis, and dual redundant power supplies are all Supermicro. We use the latest LSI 9271-8iCC raid cards that feature incredible speeds, cache instead of BBU, and CacheCade which allow our 240GB Intel SSD drives to be used as cache pools. This allows frequently accessed data to load quicker and without any disk IO bottlenecks. Each node has 8 drives in Raid-10, and each can be swapped for new ones if they fail, allowing for zero downtime. With redundant power and network to the server, be rest assured you won't be seeing any downtime.

All Of Our Services Come Fully Managed & Supported

Fully Managed Service

One of the key aspects of what we provide is fully managed service. Whether it's for the beginners that just don't quite have a grasp on managing a server themselves, or even an expert who just doesn't have the time to manage and monitor the server anymore. Regardless of what it may be, we focus specifically at taking care of all tasks that you would normally need to do.

You might be asking: what is it we do and cover on your server? In summary, we will handle it all, from the initial setup and hardening, migration of accounts, apps, services etc., to on-going, pro-active monitoring and management keeping your server up-to-date and running smoothly around the clock. To get the full details on our managed services and what's covered, you can go to our managed services information page.

Quick, Experienced Support Technicians When You Need Them The Most!

Experienced Support Technicians When You Need Them The Most!

Being that we provide managed services and our customers expect premium-level support from us, what's most important is providing this quality of service at all times of the day, especially when you need it most. Servers run into issues all the time, and despite our best effort of pro-active monitoring, there will always be some issues. If you are running a site that is important to you, and it runs into issues, every second counts. You are going to want the fastest support possible to resolve the issue. We have all been there, and completely understand how vital it is to offer quick and helpful support. This is why we offer ten-minute ticket average response times, live chat support, email support, and even Skype support as forms of communication.

So the next time you are in a bind, know that we are just seconds away from helping you. No more restless nights waiting for support to respond hours and hours later, with a response that may or may not even help your situation. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Pro-Active Monitoring and Management

Pro-Active Monitoring and Management

Finally, a company who monitors your server and responds before even realizing there is an issue! Many managed server companies will provide re-active support, in which you report an issue and they respond to fix it. What good is that, though, if you are sleeping, out of town, or just not online at the time? You're paying for your server to be fully managed, so shouldn't it be managed and monitored in real time?

By being able to provide pro-active monitoring and management, we are able to protect your server from threats and issues through continuous monitoring. We will monitor all of the most common services on your server (e.g. ping, http, mysql, etc.) and, should any report an issue, a ticket will open on your behalf, under your account, specifying the issue. One of our techs then responds to it as per an emergency ticket and resolves it before you even realize it. Now you can sleep at ease knowing we are keeping an eye on your server 24/7!

Pick A Location That Works For You
Multiple Locations

Location plays a big part in performance, SEO, page load time, and many other factors. Choosing a location closest to your target audience is very important, as one location won't work for everyone. This is why we currently offer three different locations for our dedicated servers, VPS, advanced services and more.

By having multiple locations for you to choose from, you don't have to be restrained to just one location, which would limit your site's potential. We are always expanding as well, and looking at new areas to provide services that would benefit our current and future customers. Check out our datacenter page to see all the locations we offer, details about each location, and specific services we offer in those locations.

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